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Don't Drink and Drive

Pay A Little Now or a Lot Later

Getting pulled over for DUI is not only the quickest way to ruin a night out, but has serious long lasting consequences as well. In 2010, there were over two thousand DUI convictions in Jacksonville.

Unlike other first non-felony first offense charges, a first DUI conviction in Florida brings stiff penalties. The laws are harsh and judges are not allowed the leniency they may apply to other first offense convictions. What does this mean for you?

Of course, you cannot put a price on the value on human life. Though the danger of hurting yourself or others is immeasurable, the following are a few of the consequences for first time DUI convictions.

  • 50 Hours of Community Service
  • Probation 1 to 12 months with possible alcohol and/or drug testing (many prosecutors insist on the full 12 months)
  • Court Costs $450 - $ 600 (If payments become delinquent according to agreed upon schedule, jail sentence of up to 6 months)
  • DUI School (may include substance abuse treatment)
  • License suspension of 6 to 12 months
  • Vehicle Impound of 10 days

dui Note, these penalties are for first time convictions and are MINIMUMS, tougher consequences can be given based on other circumstances such as blood alcohol level, accidents, and past records.

Other financial consequences include; Increased insurance costs, class costs and missed work to attend mandatory class/court appearances, and a criminal record. It is easy to see how one bad choice can lead to a DUI costing $10,000 or more.

A stylish and safe way to avoid DUI charges is to hire a limo for a group night out. Limos allow everyone to enjoy himself or herself by eliminating the need for someone in the group to be the designated driver. There is also the added benefit of riding to your event in a luxury vehicle, bringing the party along from location to location. Limousine services are far less costly than a DUI conviction, and a great way to ensure everyone stays safe and has fun!

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